The Art of Brewing a Cup of Joe (Coffee)

What is the best method for brewing a cup of coffee? How did you learn to make a cup of coffee? Did you learn to make the coffee from your mother or your father? Was this a skill passed down like shaving or working on a motor vehicle! Brewing a great cup of coffee is considered by some to be a skill above all others skills we have. Most men and some women don’t even know how to brew a great cup of coffee. They just follow the direction on the bag and hope for the best. 

But let’s take this into consideration, the bag or can of coffee you buy from your local supermarket. How long that bag or can of coffee sat in a warehouse before it was shipped out to the supermarket to be sold. Is it still fresh or has the coffee beans started to break down giving you the coffee drinker a bitter taste instead of a great cup of coffee? How where these coffee beans processed for your bag or can of coffee? Did they use pesticides during the growth of the coffee cherries? Was there any chemicals used during the processing of the coffee?

Now let’s look at signal origins coffees like Brazilian CoffeeCosta Rican CoffeeHawaiian CoffeeMexican CoffeeColombian CoffeeEthiopian CoffeeJamaican Coffee. All these coffees our considered to be Gourmet Coffees or Coffee from around the World. They are grown on plantations and then shipped out around the world. Most of these coffees will end up and specialty coffee shops. There is good news for you that there are online sites that also specialize in bring you the consumer these special coffees for your enjoyment. These sites will let you choose the grind in which you want your coffee shipped to you. I have been drinking Honduras ‘Silver Hills’ coffee from CoffeeGiftsMagic, I order it in the Drip Grind so I could use it in my signal cup Keurig, it makes a good cup of coffee.

But we are here to learn how you make a great cup of coffee. Over the past few months I have tried many different ways to making a great cup of coffee. The Drip Grind, French press Grind, and the Espresso Grind is the easiest way to get your coffee beans done for you if you don’t have your own coffee grinder. All these grinds make a good cup of coffee. But to me the best cup of coffee I ever had was when my sister took whole coffee beans and placed them in her personal coffee grinder and grinded the beans right before making the coffee.

The taste of the coffee was so refreshing and the aroma in the room was unbelievable to my senses. I started to look forward to the morning cup of coffee again. Heck I could of just survived on coffee during my vacation if I had too. To me that was one Great Cup of Coffee. We tried two different coffees that week all from, we had Highlander Grogg and Peppermint Patty Flavored Coffee

My sister told me the best way to buy your coffee was in Whole Bean so you could have the freshest cup of coffee, because when using a coffee grinder you are releasing the oils that are still inside the whole coffee bean, if you get your coffee pre-grind, those oils start drying up after they have been grounded.

There are two types of coffee grinders on the market today. There is the blade grinder which consist of a signal blade that slices your coffee bean, it does not give you a consistent grind, but it does do the trick. And then there is the Burr Grinder which usually has several different setting so you can choose your own grind. From very fine grind to very coarse grind depending on how you are making your coffee. The Burr Grinder varies in price from $50.00 all the way up to a couple of thousand dollars. For home use a Burr Grinder right around $200.00 is a rather good price for a quality piece of equipment.

The Burr grinder will crush the whole coffee bean and releases more of the oils within the coffee bean, unlike its brother the blade grinder which just slices the coffee bean. The Burr by far is my choice for grinding whole coffee beans. You get one Great Cup of Coffee (Joe).

CoffeeGiftsMagic has all of your needs for Coffee from Around the World, we also have Decaffeinated Coffee, Flavored Coffee, Espresso Coffee, Organic Coffee, and Coffee Blends. We bring you these coffees at a great price and will ship right to your front door. Come and take a look around our site. Hope to see you soon.


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Well, CoffeeGiftsMagic was born in the spring of 2013. I needed something to due with my extra time on my hands since my now ex-wife left. I researched the different businesses that I wanted to get into. Hence was born.... All my research kept pointing me to Gourmet Coffee and Teas...
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