Timeline: Coffee History

850: First known discover of coffee cherries; Legends tell us that members of the Galla tribe in Ethiopia notice that they got an energy boost when they ate certain berries. They would ground up the berries and mix them with animal fat. Another Ethiopian legend suggest a goat herder Kaldi noticed his goats eating certain berries became friskier after eating the red berries from local shrubs. Kaldi, himself experiments with the berries and finds that he himself has more energy.

1100: The first coffee trees are farmed on plantations. The Arab traders begin to boil the beans and created a drink called ‘qahwa’ which means (that what prevents sleep) also known as the wine of Islam.

1453: Coffee was introduced to Constantinople by Ottoman Turk. The world’s first coffee shop is opened. Turkish law makes it legal for women to divorce her husband if he fails to provide her with her daily quota of coffee.

1511: The Governor Khair Bey of Mecca, bans coffee fearing that its power might promote resistance to his rule. The coffee trade is shut down in Constantinople. But only after one week-long reign of terror the sultan decided that coffee was blessed and the governor was executed.

1600: Coffee enters Europe through the port of Venice, (the first coffee house opens in Italy in 1683). Coffee is introduced to the West by Italian traders. Pope Clemente VIII was advised to outlaw the Muslin brew. Pope Clemente VIII, decided to baptize the drink, stating it would be a sin, not to let everyone enjoy this wonderful beverage. Why should only the pagans drink it! Pope Clemente’s baptism of coffee propelled its spread across Europe.

1607: Coffee is introduced to the New World by Captain John Smith, founder of Jamestown in Virginia.

1652: The first coffeehouse was opened in England. But women were not allowed inside unless they were there to serve the men. Many women wrote petitions to get this law changed but they were refused. Edward Lloyd’s coffeehouse opened in 1688, it later became Lloyd’s of London, the world’s first insurance company. The word ‘TIPS’ was coined in English coffeehouses; a sign reading “To insure Prompt Service” TIPS was placed by a mug. Those wanting a better seat or fast service would throw a coin into a tin.

1672: The opening of the first Parisian café Le Procope dedicated to serving coffee.

1713: King Louis XIV was presented a coffee tree from the Dutch. It is believed that sugar was first used as an additive by his court

1718: The Dutch transport coffee from Java to Dutch Guyana in South America. Coffee plants are introduced into the Americas for the first time for farming.

1721: The first coffeehouse opens in Berlin.

1727: The Brazilian coffee industry has been sparked by a love affair. The love affair started by smuggling a few seedlings out of Paris. A Brazilian coast guard officer was attracted to the wife of the Governor of French Guyana. He requested that she supply him with a few seedlings that were afterwards grown in Brazil. Founding the production that has dominated the world trade for 200 years. (By 1800, Brazil had become the world’s largest producer of coffee.)

1730: The British introduced coffee to Jamaica.

1750: One of Europe’s first coffeehouses, Café Greco, opens in Rome.

1763: Venice has over 2,000 cafes.

1773: The Boston Tea Party makes drinking coffee a patriotic duty in America.

1779: Coffee plants shipped from Cuba to Costa Rica.

1790: Mexico was given coffee plants to start farming them.

1813: The first coffee is grown in Hawaii by Don Francisco de Paula Marin. He was an advisor to King Kamehameha I, he was the first person to farm pineapple and coffee in Hawaiian Islands. (Not a lot of records about coffee in Hawaii until 1823).

1822: The first prototype of an espresso machine was created in France.

1823: Chief Boki accompanied King Kamehameha II and his wife on a royal visit to London for an audience with King George IV. King and Queen Kamehameha had both contracted measles, a disease unknown to the Hawaiian people, as a result of the disease the King and Queen had died. Chief Boki returned to Hawaii on the British warship HMS Blond, he carried some Arabica coffee trees to Hawaii, which he acquired in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on his way home with the bodies King and Queen Kamehameha. But these coffee trees never produced any coffee.

1828: Reverend Samuel Ruggles brought some trees from the Manoa Valley on Oahu to the Naole area on the Big Island. This area is now known as the Kona District. These plants thrived and by 1878 Kona was producing 150,194 lbs. of coffee and was listed as the 13th largest coffee production area in the world. (Today Hawaii has over 6500 acres of coffee being farmed on all of the major Hawaiian Islands with annual production between 6 to 7 million pounds).

1865: James Mason invents the coffee percolator.

1878: Coffee is introduced to the British colonies in East Africa.

1885: Roasting coffee by using natural gas and hot air becomes the most popular method.

1886: Joel Cheek, a former wholesale grocer names his popular coffee blend ‘Maxwell House’ after a hotel in Nashville, Tennessee where it is served.

1901: The soluble coffee (instant) was invented by Japanese-American chemist Satori Kato of Chicago.

1901: Luigi Bezzera files a patent for the first espresso machine.

1903: German coffee importer Ludwig Roselius turns a batch of ruined coffee beans over to researchers, who prefect the process of removing caffeine from beans without destroying the flavor.

1905: The first commercial espresso machine is manufactured in Italy.

1906: English chemist George Constant Washington invented instance coffee while living in Guatemala. He noticed a powdery condensation forming on the spout of his silver coffee decanter. After some research, he created the first mass production of instance coffee.

1907: In less than a century, Brazil accounts for 97% of the world’s coffee beans harvested.

1920: Prohibition in the United States, Coffee Sales Boom!!!

1933: Dr. Ernest Illy develops the first automatic espresso machine. At the same time Alfonso Bialetti invented the world’s first stovetop espresso maker, which later becomes the most popular maker in Italy.

1938: Having a surplus of coffee in Brazil, Nestle Company invents freeze-dried coffee. Which is named Nescafe and is introduced in Switzerland.

1942: During World War II, American soldiers are issued Maxwell House coffee in their rations kits. Back home, wide spread hoarding leads to coffee rationing.

1945: Achilles Gaggia enhances the espresso machine with a manual piston that creates a high pressure extraction to produce a thick layer of cream.

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