Why is Hawaiian Kona Coffee; Considered the Best Through-out the World

HawaiiKona1Hawaii Kona ReserveKona Coffee Blend

Hawaiian Kona Coffee has a rich, vast bodied taste that you can’t find in any other coffee. Kona is grown on the largest Hawaiian island. Most of the coffee farms located in Kona are referred to as the Golden Coast of Hawaii. These farms are run locally by families that have been farming for generations.

There are several different grades of Hawaiian coffee to select from, depending on the class and size of the beans harvested. Several companies will offer 100% Kona coffee, but you should be careful when selecting your coffee. One of the Kona coffees is a Kona Blend which usually only has about 10% Kona coffee beans in it. The rest of the blend comes from other coffees from Africa, Brazil, and Indonesia, which are a lower class of coffee beans.

Kona coffee is sun dried right on the island, and then it is shipped to Roast Masters through-out the world. The coffee is either roasted to a perfect light, medium, and dark roast. The beans are freshest right after roasting, but purchasing coffee in air tight packages and then freezing them will provide for a longer shelf life. Just remember once you take your coffee out of the freezer do not re-freeze. This will destroy the coffee taste.

Medium roasted coffees tend to take on a robust, spirited flavor. Some call medium roasted coffee full city or Vienna roast. Darker roast are more full bodied in flavor and usually contain less caffeine than their counterparts. Dark roast is considered French or Italian roast methods.

Whether you visit the Big island of Hawaii, or not there is several different ways you can enjoy the rich flavor of 100% Kona Coffee. You might not be able to find a full Kona blend at your local store, but you can find 100% Kona Coffee on the Internet.


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