How to Brew Tea With an Infuser

A Tea infuser allows you to use loose-leaf teas, and you can buy small ones for single use, or larges ones for tea pots. Infusers may be small, round stainless steel balls, ceramic baskets, or disposable paper infusers. You can also buy infusers that are similar to a French press. Basket infusers and paper infusers offer convenience, as they are easier to clean than the small wire mesh balls.


Things You Will Need

First thing you will need to do is fill your infuser loosely with tea leafs. Fill an infuser only halfway, as it is important the water be able to flow through. Also, the tea leaves must have room to swell.

Boil water..

Temper your tea pot or mug by pouring a half-inch of hot water in them and then swirling it. Dispose of this water.

Place the infuser in the pot or mug and fill with fresh boiling water as desired. Stir the infuser. If it is a mesh ball, swirl it around your cup. If it is a basket, use a spoon to stir the contents.

Allow the tea to steep, For regular black teas, the tea should steep for 3 to 5 minutes. Herbal teas may require different lengths of time, so check the package for instructions.

Remove the infuser and serve….




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