How to Make French Press Coffee

Things You will Need


1. Coffee

2. French Press

3.Coffee Grinder

4. Teakettle


Boil as much water needed for the amount of coffee you want to make. (French Press) come in many different styles and sizes. Grind coffee beans if necessary. Preheat French press by filling it with warm water from the faucet. Allow boiled water to rest for a few minutes to cool to optimum temperature (195 to 205 degrees F). Pour warm water out of press and add ground coffee. Use two level tablespoons per six ounces of water.


Pour just enough hot water over the ground to wet them. Fresh coffee will expand as gas escapes. Pour in remaining water and stir. Place the plunger over the press to keep the heat in, but don’t press it down yet. Let the coffee brew for three to four minutes. Then push the plunger down slowly. Pour into one of your favorites mug and drink. After you make your French Press Coffee you might want to pour the coffee into another container to totally stop the brewing process, unless you like really strong coffee.


French Press Coffee tips:


  • Use coarsely ground coffee for French press.
  • Use bottle or filtered water, if your tap water is hard or has an unpleasant taste to it.
  • Don’t use less coffee then called for; using too little coffee can result in a bitter taste. If you like weaker coffee, try adding more hot water to it or add milk after the brewing process.



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